iCloud Troubleshooting

iCloud is a nice feature. It seems to be more reliable these days but it can work improperly sometimes. These symptoms indicate that you are having issues with iCloud.

  • The data does not synchronised with other devices after waiting for a few minutes.
  • Manga Storm's "initializing" process, "detecting iCloud" process or "Loading data from iCloud" process take forever to finish.
  • Favorites or history list still is not loaded after waiting for a few minutes.

Here are some solutions those may help you solve above problems. Please try them in order and because it is hard to find out which device that is the source of the problem so we suggest that you try these solutions on all of your devices sharing the same iCloud account and installed with Manga Storm.

Solution 1. Reboot all of your devices.

Sometimes, the iCloud agent on some of your devices just stops working. Rebooting them can fix the problem.


Solution 2. Soft reset all of your devices. 

If rebooting devices doesn't fix the problem, please soft reset them by holding the power button and the home button for about 10 seconds.


Solution 3. Turn iCloud Drive off and turn it on again.

Please follow these steps on your devices one-by-one until your problem is solved.

a) Goto your device's settings > [your account] > iCloud.

b) Turn "iCloud Drive" off then turn it on again.


Solution 4. Try deleting & re-signing in iCloud account.

Please follow these steps on your devices one-by-one until your problem is solved.

a) Goto your device's settings > [your account] > iCloud.

b) Tap "Sign Out" button and confirm.

c) Tap "Delete from My iPhone".

d) Tap "Keep on My iPhone/iPad".

e) Enter your password again to confirm.

f) Now your iCloud data cached on your device should be cleared. Sign into iCloud again.

g) You will be asked if you want to merge your iCloud contacts, calendar, reminders and safari data to data on your device or not. Choose "Merge".

h) Repeat above steps on all of your devices which share the same iCloud account.


Solution 5. Clear Manga Storm's iCloud container and reinsert data into it again.

This process must be done on ALL of your devices.

a) Goto Manga Storm Settings > iCloud Settings.

b) Turning off the "Enable iCloud" setting.

c) Wait until all files are downloaded to your device. If the progress stops for too long, it means some files can not be downloaded due to connection with iCloud server or those files are locked by some other processes. If you have already tried all above solutions, there is nothing more you can do. In this case, you have to tap the "Stop Download" and sacrifice some lost data. However, those data may not be lost if they can be downlowned onto other devices.

d) Repeat above steps on all of your devices those share your iCloud data with the same Apple ID.

e) After you have done, on one of your devices, goto your device's settings > [your account] > iCloud > Manage Storage.

f) In the manage storage screen, select "Manga Storm".

g) Tap the "Delete Data" button.

h) Wait until all data to be deleted.

i) Now Manga Storm's iCloud container should be cleared, on all of your devices, goto Manga Storm settings > iCloud Settings and turning on the "Enable iCloud" setting. All data will be merged and re-inserted back into iCloud container again.


One of above solutions should be able to solve your problem, if your problem still exist then the iCloud server may be the cause. In this case, please use Manga Storm in local mode and wait for a day before trying it again. To use local mode, just goto Manga Storm settings > iCloud Settings and turning off the "Enable iCloud" setting then wait for all files to be downloaded to your device.