Manga Storm Basics

Reading comics on Manga Storm is always fun and very convenient. But first, you have to know how to use it properly.
Here are basic steps of how to read and follow a title in Manga Storm.

  1. Add a title you want to read from a supported website to the "Reading" section of the "Favorites" tab.
  2. Read all chapters happily.
  3. After you have finished reading all chapters, move it to the "Following" section.
  4. After the title ends, move it to "Archive" if you want to read it again later or remove it from the list.


  1. It's a good idea to keep the "Reading" section as short as possible so you won't have trouble finding unread titles if you have a lot of titles in the "Favorites" tab.
  2. All titles in the "Favorites" tab, both in the "Reading" and the "Following" section, will be checked for updates automatically. The interval between each checking round can be configured in the "Settings" tab. You can also start checking it manually by tapping the Action Button button in the "Favorites" tab and choose "Check Updates".