Manga Storm 2.9 has been released

What's new in this version.

● Added menu "Share/Backup Favorites" in the "Favorites" tab that can be used to backup or share your favorites list via e-mail.
● Added menu "Export to CBZ Files" in the chapter list page that is accessed from the "Collections" tab. You can use this menu to export your downloaded chapters to open them in other comic readers those support cbz files.
● Added the "Export" tab for managing your exported cbz files.
● Added support for MangaPanda and KissManga.
● Fixed more bugs.

Important: If you plan to share data from this version with old version of Manga Storm by enabling iCloud in Manga Storm, please don't add titles from KissManga and MangaPanda. The old version can't handle data generated from them and will cause the app to crash.

Have fun,
Manga Storm Dev Team