Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you remove the "Online" tab?
    - Recently, Apple became more strict ​with content in our app and they removed our app from sale because they thought most content in our app are "pornographic", "objectional", "violence" or anything that violate their guidelines. Because of that, we updated Manga Storm by removing all content from it and let you add content directly from the website by entering url of the title you want to add. This update was acceptable by Apple and they put our app back on sale again.
  • I can't add a title to Manga Storm, why?
    - It because you are adding url from unsupported web page. First, please make sure that the url is from a website supported by Manga Storm. You can see list of supported websites in the "List of Supported Websites" link at the bottom of the "Add Title" screen. After that, please make sure that the web page you are adding contains the chapter list of the title that you want to add.
  • one or more chapters can not be downloaded. What should I do?
    - Manga Storm retrieves content directly from the website. If there is something wrong with it, Manga Storm may be unable to retrieve content. To find out what's going on, please open the problematic chapter on Safari. You should see the problem there.
  • I already unlocked Manga Storm and lost it somehow. Do I have to pay to unlock it again?
    - No, you don't. Just make sure that you use the same itunes account as before and it will not charge you again.
  • I have more than one iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Do I have to pay to unlock Manga Storm on every device?
    - No, you don't. As long as you use the same itunes account, it will charge you at the first unlocking only. After that, you can unlock it for free on any device you own.
  • I already unlocked Manga Storm and lost it somehow. How should I re-unlock it? 
    1) Goto Manga Storm Settings > Purchase Now!.
    2) In the purchase screen, tap the "Restore Purchases" button to re-unlock the app.
  • The "Restore Purchases" button is not working and it asks me to buy it again. What should I do?
    1) Please make sure that you are using the same AppleID that you used to unlock Manga Storm.
    2) Please check your iTune's Purchase History for "Manga Storm (Unlocked)". If it is missing, please contact App Store Support and let them help you to recover it.
    3) If you are sure that you are using the same AppleID as before and your record in 2) is still there, you can continue re-buying the app. It will tell you later that you have already purchased this item and restore it for you.
    4) In case it didn't restore the purchase for you and charge you again, please contact App Store Support by including purchase information of "Manga Storm (Unlocked)" and tell them that "Manga Storm (Unlocked)" is a "Non-Consumable" in-app purchase so you shouldn't be charged for it again and ask for refund.
    Note: All of your transactions related with purchasing and restoring purchases are confidential and fully managed by App Store in the background so we have no rights to access them and can't help you much with this case.
  • I want to backup data of Manga Storm to my desktop computer. How can I do that?
    - It's very easy. Just connect your device to a computer running iTunes and use iTunes File Sharing to export everything in Manga Storm to your computer. Before you import backup data back to Manga Storm, please make sure that Manga Storm is not running in background. The best way is to check the multitasking bar and if you see Manga Storm in it, close it.
  • I'm using iCloud feature to synchronise Manga Storm data across my devices. Recently, it began to out-of-sync. What can I do?
    - This problem is very popular and happen to most apps those support iCloud. It is always caused by communication between native iCloud Agent on iOS and iCloud Server. Sometimes, it can fix itself within a day. If it seems to be permanent, please follow instructions in this section to fix it.
  • Manga Storm consumes a lot of storage on my device. Is there anyway to clear it?
    - You can recover some used space by deleting downloaded content in the "Collections" and "Export" tab. But if it still consumes more than a few hundred MBs, please try following steps
    a) Open the "Settings" tab in Manga Storm.
    b) Under the "Maintenance" section, use the "Delete Downloaded Files" menu to delete all downloaded files. This step will delete all preview images and downloaded content from your device together with some downloaded files those may be left by app crashes.
    c) Under the "Maintenance" section, use the "Rebuild Database" menu to rebuild your database. If you have used Manga Storm for very long time, your database may be filled with data of manga those you have already deleted. This step will delete all data in the database and refill it with data of manga those exist in your Favorites.