Manga Storm 2.7 has been released

What's new in this version.
● Fixed iOS8 compatibility issues and a lot of bugs.
● Added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
● Simplified some screens to make them cleaner and easier.
● Now you can mark a title as "Reading". We know that you have collected a lot of "Favorite" titles already. Mark titles you are currently reading as "Reading" to keep them in a separated list and reach them conveniently.
● Revised the "Favorites" tab and the "Collections" tab by adding "Reading" section.
● Added indexes to the "Favorites" tab and the "Collections" tab.
● Added the "Update All Catalogs" button in "Online > View All" so you can use it to update catalog of all manga sources at once.
● Added the "Help" button in the "Online" tab.

Have fun,
Manga Storm Dev Team