Manga Storm is back with version 2.8.1

Manga Storm is now back to App Store with version 2.8.1.

This version removes most of manga in Yaoi/Yuri/Adult/Smut genre so if you are serious with it, please do not upgrade it yet. However, if you have already added those titles to "Reading" or "Favorites", they will still be there until you unfavorite them.

If you don't mind about the content removal, this version also contains various improvement.
Here is the list of them.
● Extracted buttons in some screens from the action list so you can access them in just one click.
● Brought back summary pages in the Favorites and Collections tab.
● Now you can add your favorite manga to the "Reading" list just by tapping the "Set [Reading]" button. And after you have finished reading it, just tap "Set [Following]" to move it to the "Following" list so you can still keep tracking its new chapters.
● Added new download option "New Unread Chapters".
● Added new menu "Download Updates" in the "Favorite" tab to download all new unread chapters of your favorite manga at once.
● Added new menu "Delete All" in the "Collections" tab to delete all downloaded content at once.
● Added new menu "Rebuild Collections" in the "Collections" tab to allow Manga Storm to rebuild the "Collections" list based on your exist downloaded content those may be lost due to database corruption.
● Fixed an issue that cause you to lose your purchase after a period of time in some devices running iOS8.

Best Regards,
Manga Storm Dev Team