Manga Storm CBR 1.3 has been released

In this version, we have added new feature called "Comic Servers". This feature allows you to add connections to your FTP Server, WebDAV Server or Dropbox. After that, you can easily browse comics on your servers and read them directly. You can also import them to read locally as well.

Note: If you are using the Import from Dropbox feature, please note that we have removed it. Please add new connection to your Dropbox account in "Comic Servers" and use it to import your comics instead.

Manga Storm 2.9 has been released

What's new in this version.

● Added menu "Share/Backup Favorites" in the "Favorites" tab that can be used to backup or share your favorites list via e-mail.
● Added menu "Export to CBZ Files" in the chapter list page that is accessed from the "Collections" tab. You can use this menu to export your downloaded chapters to open them in other comic readers those support cbz files.
● Added the "Export" tab for managing your exported cbz files.
● Added support for MangaPanda and KissManga.
● Fixed more bugs.

Finally, Manga Storm is back with version 2.8.2

Manga Storm will be back in a few hours. Please read this before updating.

The new version (2.8.2) no longer provides the "Online" tab so you won't be able to use it in the same way again.
It now provides the add button in the top left corner of the "Favorites" tab and you have to use this button to add titles to Manga Storm before being able to access them.